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Improved Lot and Raw Land with Western Highland Mortgage - Lake Tahoe

Improved Lots & Raw Land


What is Raw Land?

Raw Land is the blankest of blank slates; properties in which there are no utilities or services already in place. These often include large parcels of land in remote areas, which have seen little to no development in their existence. Because of this, banks and other conventional lenders will rarely consider lending on raw land. High expenses for zoning, partitioning, electricity, water, sewer, etc. will need to be figured into construction, permitting and labor costs. Most often we lend on raw land for borrowers who would like to subdivide and provide utilities/services to a large parcel, then sell as Improved Lots.

What is an Improved Lot?

An Improved Lot is one that has gutters, utilities, sewer, water, etc. connections in place. Although these lots are not usually leveled and ready for construction, they are often found in existing neighborhoods or subdivided areas. We are more likely to lend on these properties versus Raw Land due to a lower level of risk and uncertainty. 


Western Highland Mortgage lends of both of these types of properties at a 50% Loan-To-Value based on the purchase price. Contact us today to get started!

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