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About Western Highland Mortgage

Novasel & Schwarte Investments Inc. dba Western Highland Mortgage Company

DRE#00656844 NVMLD #1919 CFL#607-2162


Novasel & Schwarte Investments Inc. dba Western Highland Mortgage Company (WHM) is a California corporation founded in Lake Tahoe in 1978 by Robert I. Novasel and Richard W. Schwarte. WHM represents 150 accredited private investors from various parts of the United States. WHM uses their funds to secure first trust deeds on properties. WHM is licensed with the CA Department of Real Estate, the Nevada Mortgage Lending Division and has a California Financials Lenders License. Their main office is located in South Lake Tahoe, California and has a branch office in Zephyr Cove, Nevada.


Western Highland Fund II



Western Highland Fund II, LLC is a Nevada limited liability partnership SEC REG D security fund and is operated as a mortgage investment fund. It achieves diversity by investing in numerous loans, including residential loans, development loans, commercial loans & more. The Fund is the successor to Western Highland Mortgage Fund I; a $38 million mortgage investment limited partnership which is currently in the process of winding down. Fund II is managed by Edward & Lea Investments, LLC. This fund is still open to investors and is lending money at today’s rate in today’s stabilized real estate market yielding 7.5 to 8%.


For more information and to receive a private placement memorandum on Fund II, please call Kelly Krolicki or Paul Sullivan at 530-577-5050.

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